How to go from Good to Great at capturing B2B Demand with Social Media?

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media. What instantly comes into your mind when you read this phrase?

People standing in their professional-looking suits or images of a boring post filled with technical jargon?

Maybe something else, but close to such things.

Have you ever questioned why you have such a perception about B2B companies regarding social media?

Probably not, but this post will help you get your answer to this question and help you solve the problem.

When we talk about social media, most people have this VERY strong mindset that B2B social media posts are boring. They don’t have much quirkiness, which can hook their readers with their savvy and catchy posts, unlike other B2C companies.

Do You Know Which Is the Most Influential Factor When It Comes to Make Purchase Decision?


Yes, you read it right. 

84% of B2B executives make purchase decisions from social media. This one stat means that 84% of people surf social media when they think or try to purchase. 

Your customers, actually every customer on this earth, loves social proof. Because we as consumers always want to get assured that the product we are thinking to purchase, is good enough. 

You just got an idea about the power of social media, but wait, there is more.


Let’s keep it blunt and straightforward; you know that social media is crowded with your potential B2B customers. However, the old and dull image of B2B is holding you back from spreading your magic on social media. These are some of the reasons crucial for your B2B social media presence.

  • SEO

When it comes to B2B, social media is the most underrated way to promote the company. But if we look into the Google or Bing algorithm, they infuse social signals into the search results. 

Your profile also appears on the Google search engine. When someone searches about your business or similar, your page can also appear in the search results. This means it has the potential to outrank your website. 

Because of social media activity, your website traffic can increase as well, if done correctly. 

  • Lead Generation 

A total of 72% of the B2B buyers use social media to search for solutions. B2B social media is one of the ideal sectors when it comes to lead generation.

Now allow me to bust another myth, LinkedIn is not the only platform for your B2B connections. 

Depending upon the nature of your business, you can also go for Instagram or Twitter as well. 

Let’s say you sell software that helps marketers to track their online presence. You can run ads on Instagram and Twitter by targeting agencies or sole digital marketers.

  • Brand Awareness

What is the point of having a company or a brand when your potential B2B buyers are not aware of it? The whole purpose of having a business is that people should know about you.

Let’s take an example: Which company comes into your mind when I say CRM solutions? Probably HubSpot? 


Because you as a customer are aware of this brand and the solution it has for your problem, maybe you saw an advertisement while scrolling through your feed. 

This is how B2B social media works.

Let’s move on to the next point.




We know that social media will work, but we need to adopt specific methods and mindsets. 

  • Break the Stereotype Personality

The audience has this mindset that B2B organizations are dull, and their social media posts are way too boring.


Because everyone has this stereotype thinking that B2B is meant to be very formal. They are not allowed to add savageness or that crispness in the brand voice.

But you need to prove them wrong. Step up and break this personality. Get creative with your posts and engage your target audience.

  • LinkedIn Is Not Your Only Soulmate

Don’t think that as a B2B business, you need to stick to LinkedIn only. Yes, LinkedIn is for most enterprises and professionals, but this should never limit you.

Figuring out an ideal B2B social media platform is all about experiments. Every business is different, and the target audience differs as well. You won’t know unless and until you begin.

  • Search for The Right Social Media Manager

This point is so obvious. You need the right person who can manage your account ideally. In B2B social media, this holds a significant amount of importance. 


Because when the person who is managing your account lacks knowledge and fails to scale up your account, you feel that social media for B2B is wrong.

You get demotivated, and to avoid that, you need to find an ideal person who has adequate knowledge and can scale up your account’s growth.


B2B Social Media Tips to Follow


Well, we talked enough about the importance and methods of B2B social media growth. But exactly how can we scale up this growth in the correct manner.

It will take you hours to form a value-based post for your ideal audience. 


What is the use if they don’t see it? It is just like having the right product, but the customer doesn’t know about it.

So, I am spilling the secret ingredients for your ultimate lead generation recipe.

  • Optimizing the Profile

Before you think about B2B social media leads and engagement, take some time and think. Is this profile good enough to hook clients? 

You need to think that does this profile has everything to produce organic leads? It should have all the details about your company and how your company helps and to whom?

  • Contact Details

Your profile should have all the contact details. However, before you add them to your profile, you should have a good support team for customer services so that you can manage the inquiries or any issues.

  • Clear CTA

Having a clear call-to-action is very important for your B2B social media visitors to have an idea about what you want them to do.

For example, if you want to build your email list, you can add the sign-up button to your Facebook page. 

  • Links

Add a link to your bio. This is the most used feature on Instagram, but you can add it to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In B2B social media, you need to drive some traffic to your website, and this feature can help you in doing that.

  • Create Sharp Content

If you don’t have sharp content, you won’t produce leads. 

I cannot say it in any other manner. You have to produce quality and compelling content to get leads in B2B social media

For example, you have a business of renting out heavy office machinery to other companies. You can create something like the advantages of renting heavy machinery or points to keep in mind while renting out some heavy machinery.

  • Create Easily Navigable Landing Pages

That’s quite an achievement that you have convinced someone to click on your link. 

But your website is taking way more time to load, and they don’t find anything you have mentioned in your posts. 


They will click the exit option in 10 to 15 seconds.

Let’s face it, we all are impatient. Because of this, your landing pages should be fast, relevant, and easily navigable. Because in B2B social media industry, you need to be quick because your ideal customers won’t have all the time in the universe.

  • Run Ads

When you have reached the highest potential for your organic leads, or you want to speed up your growth, you can always run ads.

In B2B social media, running ads is very important because you approach a much more targeted audience. Every platform has its distinctive approach towards Ads. 

You need to understand each platform’s guidelines so that you can squeeze the maximum out of it.

  • Host Contests and Giveaways

Why should anyone in the B2B social media industry get attracted to your business? 

Give them a reason to stick with you. Host giveaways of specific products or offer them with a certain discount code to start with you.

Because when you give them a reason to stay, they will be loyal to you. They become the best promoters for your B2B business. 


Are You Ready to Rock the Social Media?


Now you know all the elements you need to establish your B2B brand on social media.

What next?


It is evident, right? You cannot expect results without trying, can you? Even if you are investing your precious time, it doesn’t mean that it will produce results.

You need to strategically invest your time and build a plan to support your B2B social media business idea and add more value to it.

B2B social media is all about trying and figuring things out. There will be a time when you will witness your competitor growing, and you will feel demotivated.

However, don’t let it surpass your cause because you have something different from your competitor. 

Finally, plan out some things before you start, develop different strategies because you don’t know which can give you the optimum results. 

Are you still struggling with the right social media strategy for your business? 

We can help you with that; feel free to reach out to us, and we will tailor a strategy for your ideal B2B business that will scale up your growth.

let’s talk about your social media challenges, goals and business growth. email us at





Co-author: Aanchal Parmar.