5 outstanding ways to win at B2B Email Marketing

5 outstanding ways to win at B2B Email Marketing.

Every dollar spent on B2B Email marketing can bring you $38 in return.

That’s crazy!!

This statistic might inspire you to start your first email marketing campaign but there is a catch. Not every email marketing campaign brings these handsome returns.

To make a B2B Email marketing campaign successful, you need to master some tricks and tactics. In this blog post, we will discuss some proven ways to win at B2B Email marketing. Let’s dive in.

Why B2B Email Marketing?

In marketing, convenience matters. Email marketing is the most convenient way to reach professionals. If this might be not enough, I have listed some crucial reasons why one must need to implement email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing is the best branding tool.

Imagine you are just chilling in the morning and an email with the subject line, “Ultimate checklist for generating leads for your B2B business!”

Won’t you care once to at least open that email?

You would, right?

What intimidated you to open that email? The content of that email, isn’t it?

Why? Because that email has a resource that is valuable for your business. Content still rules the whole process of email marketing.

Whether a prospect replies or not as long as she reads and finds your emails useful – it’s a win for your branding efforts.

Numbers Don’t Lie

People might lie but not the numbers. Here are some numbers about email marketing that will help you take B2B Email marketing seriously.

According to Emfluence, B2B marketing sees a 23% higher click to open rate than B2C emails. So, if you ever thought that B2B email marketing won’t be successful for your business, this one point is enough to prove you wrong.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Nine out of ten B2B companies use the engagement of email marketing as a measure for their content measure.

According to MyEmma, 59% of B2B email marketers use emails as their prime sources for revenue generation. If B2B email marketing would not have been so popular and effective, how would businesses generate revenue out of it?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, When it comes to the compelling content channels for email marketing, newsletters are the most used types of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketers.

You can see for yourself now the results businesses have achieved from email marketing.

Track Your Progress

B2B email marketing is the best way to track the progress of your marketing campaign. The metrics of email marketing such as delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates. This enables the company to track its progress and scrutinize its results as well.

Five most used and proven ways to make B2B Email Marketing successful:

The numbers are impressive although the success of email marketing is hugely dependent on some selective factors. When we implement them in the right way, we can guarantee success.

Target Your Audience

You need to know about your audience before you try to market your services. If you are a brand that sells CRM softwares to other businesses. So you will need to know about your target audience as much as you can.

Because when you know about your target audience, you can craft better products for them. As a seller of CRM softwares, do you think your customer would be interested in your income in a year or the advantages of having CRM software? The second one, right?

How will you know this without identifying the target audience? You need to understand their pain points, and this is the most crucial part.

Segment Your Market

Ever heard of this quote, “You cannot make everyone happy?”

The same goes for your business as well. You need to segment the market for this purpose. Because you cannot run your business with each and every kind of leads. Some leads might be interested in your consultation, and others might be interested in your product or service.
Research by campaign monitor showed that marketers show a 760% rise in sales from segmented emails. Email segmentation is the most crucial part of email marketing.

You need to build your buyer persona for the target audience. One of the best tools for generating buyer persona is Hubspot’s buyer persona maker. Once you build your buyer persona, it gets easier for you to develop lead magnets, newsletters and products for them.

Set The Tone

You need to set the tone for your emails. You need to write emails in a conversational tone as if you are talking to the reader of that email.
Never write in a monotonous or robotic voice in your newsletters. Because even if your emails are pretty informative, but you fail to engage the reader, that person won’t stay a second to read your emails.

According to a study by Experian, email subject lines with an emoji increased click-through open rates by 56% compared to text-only subject lines. Emojis and conversational tone writing shows affection, and the reader feels that you genuinely care.
This makes the newsletters fun and increases the chances that the reader will take the required action.

Perfect Timing

You will definitely agree that there is a specific period that gives the highest click-through rates. According to a Study by Get Response, between 11 A.M and 2 P.M. just before or after lunch or after 6 P.M just when the people get free from their work. These are some of the best timings, and you must target them.

If you ask for days, the same study shows that Tuesday and Fridays are the best days with a high click-through rate. You should know that weekends are the most ominous days to send your emails as people remain busy with their families; they generally won’t pay attention to your emails.

However, things may differ in your industry. This is all about experimenting and tweaking your strategy according to that.


Who won’t like some extra attention? In this age of social media, email is one of the most effective ways of communication. When it comes to sales or cold emails, it has to be personalized. You cannot always copy and paste the same template for your readers.
These emails will be sent to the persons you don’t know at all, and because of this, it needs to be more personalized. You can do that by trying to not be very formal or informal, state something which you might think can be common between you and your reader. You can also compliment them.

Remember, you need to build a relationship with your readers to purchase from you soon.


As I explained to you the top 5 outstanding B2B email outreach tactics, I want to take you through some of the most common mistakes people make in B2B email marketing.So to avoid this, you need to know about it as well.

Not Welcoming Them

You wanted a friend to come over for dinner, she came as well. But, instead of welcoming her, you are talking to her at the doorstep.
How will she feel? This will make her not come to your home again. This will happen when you get a new subscriber, but you don’t send that person a welcome email right when they sign up.
The result will be that the person might forget about you, and your subsequent email will get lost in another bunch of emails.

Vague Call To Action

Your CTA is the last decorative piece on the top of your master email. You need to keep it crystal clear. Mention it various times in your email in various ways, and your reader won’t forget the purpose of your email.

Ignoring Mobile Users

More than 70% of the readers will read your emails on mobiles, and if you don’t optimize your content according to the mobile, you are losing a massive group of your audience.

Test the emails and make sure that your emails are looking catchy,are readable and have good graphics. Never make this mistake, people; it will cost you tons and tons of leads.


Every marketing strategy needs some time to reflect and give you some results as well.B2B email marketing will also need some time, depending upon the audience and the consistency.

So, you need to experiment every now and then, tweak the strategy as per the consumers’ needs.

Take your time and build your strategy. However, don’t build a very rigid strategy which you won’t be able to change as per the future needs. Remember, you will always have to develop it in the time being.

Do you want a hand in developing an effective B2B email marketing strategy for your company? We will be happy to help you with it.