5 Proven B2B Lead Generation tactics to fuel the top of the funnel.

Five Proven B2B Lead Generation Tactics For Growth Loving Companies

This blog is helpful for first time B2B Company owner and marketers who wants to learn more about B2B lead generation.

How many times have you got a little anxiety attack when you see your sales team is running out of leads? 

If you are a business owner or marketing guy, or salesperson, you know how vital leads are.

The chronology is – no leads, no revenue, no business. 

The end of the prior sentence is alone enough to make you nervous.

Its prominent businesses need leads. 

Many times companies ask, how to generate leads?

But the real question is not how to generate leads.

The real question is,

“How to generate leads to whom you can sell?”

In this blog post, we will discuss five tactics that any B2B Company can use to generate leads.

While you read further, this blog will give you a direction for you to walk upon. 

However, it’s you who need to take action in the right manner.

When it comes to B2B Business owners, you face hundreds of challenges, from building your presence to closing those initial deals. 

However, it would help if you didn’t get overwhelmed by any case study or research paper that claims any overnight success when you start.

So, let me take you through your B2B lead generation recipe.



B2B Lead generation is a process in which you attract your service’s or product’s ideal buyer in your sales cycle.

Who Is A Lead?

A lead is a human being who is interested in your products or services. 

That person has the potential to become your client or customer.

A lead is classified into two different categories:

  • Marketing Qualified Leads

A marketing qualified lead or MQL is a potential lead who is aware of the problem and ready to buy a solution for it.

For example:

  • A frequent website visitor. 
  • A person who has downloaded resources from your website.
  • A person who has signed up.
  • A person who has an active engagement with your company and personal social media accounts. 
  • Sales Qualified Leads

A sales-qualified lead or SQL is a qualified lead which is fully aware of the problem and solution and now wants to make the purchase. 

These leads show high intent, high engagement, and recurring service/product pages visits.

For example:

  • A person (decision makers) had a call with your sales team.
  • Asked for a free demo.
  • Replied to you on your emails or social media DMs.
  • Asking for more information about your company or services.
  • Asking for a quote and portfolio.
  • Has offered RFP. 

 Now that you are more precise about lead generation. Let us move to our next section.


Pivotal Questions to Ask For B2B Lead Generation

As you already know about B2B lead generation. Now, I want you to answer some of the fundamental questions regarding B2B lead generation.

  • Who is your Ideal audience?

Take a minute and grab your note-taking device. Think who will be your ideal audience or target audience. Write down some of the necessary details such as age, demographic, company, niche, years of experience, gender, and other factors that will help you build a persona of your target audience. 

The other way (and most effective) is to conduct market research on real buyers or simple interviews and analyze your current clients.

You can use HubSpot persona maker to design and develop personas. 

  • What is the need of your ideal audience?

After you have completed building your ideal audience persona. Now figure out what are the needs of your target audience in business that your business solves.

For example, you are a company that provides heavy office machinery on lease. The need for machinery is for every company. However, some small companies won’t be able to invest in that machinery completely.

So, here the problem you solve is saving their working capital, which they would have expended on those machinery.

So, take your time and see what problems you solve that your ideal company might have.

  • How can you engage with your leads?

Now, you are entirely aware of your potential lead and how you can help them? Now is the time you figure out where your ideal leads are spending most of their time.

Are they reading blogs most of the time, or watching videos, or on social media handles?

You can use Google Analytics to get the insights of your audience. 

So, think and do some research about this and after you are done with it, go and build your presence on that platform.

  • At which stage of marketing will you generate leads?

Generally, you can generate leads at every stage of marketing. But the common and best practice is to initiate the first contact with the lead is in the awareness stage. The early you contact the leads, the more room you get to educate them about your services and products. 

The high-quality leads generated at the top of the funnel or awareness stage give you a competitive advantage. 


Now that you have the answers let us hop on to some of the best 5 B2B lead generation tactics which will help you in your lead generation.

  • Website Optimization

Just imagine this scenario, you have run a very impactful campaign on your website, which will help you squeeze out your potential customers’ email addresses.

But, your website is crashing or showing some bug. Even such an impactful campaign is a waste without a better and fast loading website.

  • Run A/B Tests

Start experimenting with two different pages or content on your website. Tweak the colors of your landing pages or maybe change the tag line.

Let both the pages be live and see which page generates more success with emails or sales.

  • Avoid sending B2B leads on broken pages

In B2B lead generation, don’t ever commit the mistake of sending your leads on broken pages. They will cost you tons of leads, decrease your organic reach, and even get you penalized by Google.

Impact of Mobile on B2B Lead Generation

We spend most of the time on mobiles. We look for the solution, casually read or browse on it. So you definitely don’t want to stay behind on this.

According to the BCG, 80% of the B2B buyers are using mobile at work.

80% is not a small number; if your landing pages or websites are still not optimized for mobiles, it will cost you tons of leads and customers.

  • Content Marketing

How will you market your company if you don’t have any content?

What will you give to your prospective lead so that the person can trust you?

 According to Demand Metric, content marketing generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing, less than half the entire cost.

According to the content marketing institute, More than 80% of the B2B companies generate leads from content marketing.

Let me explain some of the B2B lead generation tactics for content marketing.

  • Use that advancement

Because of the current coronavirus pandemic, most of the things are now online. So use those tactics. Host a webinar for your ideal lead to give some insights about the industry.

Start a podcast, keeping in mind the needs of your ideal leads. Host the virtual events with some of the top industry leaders, discussing the future of your industry.

Covid-19 has given us a lot of approaches and ways to connect with the audience. So, use them.

  • Harness the power of lead magnets

Lead magnets are the most powerful way to catch those leads interested in your products or services.

A lead magnet is something that you can offer to a prospect in exchange for some information. However, the lead magnet has to be something precious.

For example:

  •    Research Papers
  •    How-to Guides
  •    Case Studies
  • Original Research

When it comes to research, B2B buyers are earnest about it.

So, make sure that you provide them with some of the best-researched content and that too original.

Because nothing can beat the original and fresh content.

To get most of the B2B lead generation, you have to be very authentic and transparent in front of your prospects.

  • Social Media Strategy

It is 2021, and if till now you have this mindset that social media is not the ideal place for you, you need to read this blog.

Now coming up to social media for B2B lead generation.

According to Hootsuite, as of Q1 2020, 420 active billion people are active on social media.

Don’t you think among that 420 billion people, your prospective customer would be hanging out here?

  • Twitter

When it comes to social media followers, they are more valuable than your leads.

You need to draw their attention to your email list and send them the most valuable content every day.

According to funneloverload, 82% of social media leads come from Twitter. So now you know what sort of power Twitter harnesses.

  • Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, most B2B marketers never take it seriously, costing them high-value leads.

You can go for paid ads on Facebook because the rates are meager and the reach is excellent.

So, go and build your brand’s awareness on Facebook for B2B lead generation.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the gold mine for B2B businesses. You need to build your awareness on LinkedIn.

According to Oktopost, LinkedIn is the most operative social media channel for B2B lead generation.

You need to keep some points in my mind while you are targeting buyers on LinkedIn.

 Provide them with excellent B2B products or services.

 LinkedIn is known for valuable advice and posts. You need to offer them valuable content. You can see more good returns in case you decide to run ads.

  • Pay Per Click

Sometimes SEO can take time, but PPC can increase your reach in a much easier and faster way.

However, for this, you need to be crystal clear regarding the target audience. As it can be costly if you are just starting out as a B2B marketer, so you need to be very clear regarding your budget.

  • Search Network

The search networks are the best medium for displaying PPC Ads. As the search intent is already there, you will display in the top 10 results without much effort.

  • Display Network

Such adverts appear on the various websites that have given them consent to allow Google the adverts to its visitors. Generally, these adverts are visual and can be easily created with the Google automated visual advert generator.

  • Email Outreach

Emails are the most underrated B2B lead generation tactic. If this method is used efficiently, it can give you the most promising results.

Now tell me, what sounds more appealing?

Sign up for my newsletter or Join my savvy family for exclusive offers.

Most probably, the second one.


  • Empathy

While writing emails to your prospect, infuse emotions in that newsletter. Make a promise in the headline, which will increase your rate of clicking the emails.

Make it all about them and not about your company or yourself. Pamper your prospect with all the attention.

  • Email Personalization

This is the latest B2B lead generation tactic, which is the most useful one.

Personalize your email according to your prospect. Add voice notes or video messages in your newsletters and make them feel special.

This will increase your conversion rate, and you will generate leads effortlessly.


I can understand that all these can be quite overwhelming but don’t worry, take baby steps every time. One B2B lead generation tactic at one time. Because applying all the strategies is not essential but building the right path is more important.

So, take your time and figure out a pathway for each strategy.

Is this still a lot for you to take? We can help you with your B2B lead generation. Focus on your business while we focus on scaling up your leads.